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Why Supermelon?

We connect you with the top 1% of overseas factories

No longer is buying bulk goods a challenging and uncertain experience. Our strict acceptance process ensures you’re buying only from the most reputable manufacturers.

We support you throughout the entire import process.

We take care of you during production, shipping, and customs clearance. If you ever have any questions or concerns throughout the process, our team is available 24/7 to help make your import experience as seamless as possible.

Your money is always 100% guaranteed.

We protect your investment. If your items don’t arrive, arrive not as described, or damaged, you will receive a full refund directly from Supermelon.


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Ocean freight Peak Season
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Freight Market Update
Container Shipping Crisis Continues Demand for space on container ships is mostly driven...
Resolving global shipping delays may take a while
Resolving global shipping delays may take a while
Resolving global shipping delays may take a while Rates are expected to continue to rise and remain...

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