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About us

Supermelon is your full-service importing, shipping and logistics broker.

We provide better manufacturing, delivery and customs services from over 16 countries to businesses in the United States.


Who we are

The Supermelon team consists of engineers and international trade experts. Our offices are located in Mountain View, CA and Brooklyn, NY.

Our warehouses are located in Simi Valley, CA, and Edison, NJ. We provide better manufacturing, shipping and logistics services from over 16 countries to businesses in the United States.


Our vision

Our dream is to help make the world a better connected trade community.

We believe that building trust, improving communication, and trading more internationally helps us build mutually beneficial relationships where our ideas can reach farther and make the world a better place.

And why not? There’s a piece for everyone on this melon.


Our Tech

Supermelon is a secure platform that helps you navigate the complexity of worldwide trade. We create a safer portal between you and your manufacturer(s).

With our database of the top 1% of international sellers, you can find a factory that can customize & manage your production, book your air or sea shipments, manage custom clearance & taxes, and even deliver direct to our warehouse to hold for you if needed. Our smart algorithm allows you to find the best supplier for your business’s needs for better pricing, quality, and accuracy.

Be in-the-know on top international trade news and trends.

Delivering the latest on upcoming technologies, news, and tips on how to better communicate with your manufacturer.