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Supermelon Inc. is a nationally recognized active marketplace that helps small businesses work with factories directly. Our business stretches throughout stores in sixteen countries and provides services to all 50 USA states. We’re passionate about Automate the import proccess and connecting you to the most reliable manufacturers out there.


We want to make the world a more connected place. We envision a better world where people and their ideas can reach further destinations, from the West to East, from Africa to Asia, and every place in between. We want to help people from everywhere and anywhere communicate with each other. And why not? There is a piece for everyone on this melon.


We automate the communication between you and the manufacturer. Our software contains a complete database of worldwide factories. Our algorithm allows us to make sure everyone gets matched with the right supplier, meaning better prices and more accuracy. The Supermelon platform is a secure software, used to navigate through the complexity of worldwide trade. Our integrated system allows us to find the best manufacturer there is, giving you immediate access to the perfect solution – Completely Automated import proccess.