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  1. Are the products from China low in quality

    The Great Advantage of Imports from China

    Up until two decades ago, the products manufactured in China were considered inferior in quality to products coming from Western or other Asian countries. Importers preferred products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, as opposed to products imported from China. But over the past 20 years there has been a revolution in the production of consumer goods and China has become the world's largest manufacturing giant. Almost all of the major companies are now manufacturing in China. China has become the second most powerful economy in the world only after the US. The great advantage of importing in China is the low price, availability, and quality of the products.

    High-quality Products Despite the Name "Cheap"

    Despite the reputation Chinese products had two decades ago, the Chinese production system is backed by critical acclaim and supervision is much more stringent. Companies from the West make sure th

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  2. What are the 6 fatal errors that cause E-commerce stores to close already in the first year?

    Selling your products online through an E-commerce can be a brilliant idea that will bring you a lot of money. Instead of paying rent, office equipment, recruiting workers, etc, you can just sell to a passerby. You can invest a lot less money and resources by opening an online store and selling your products anywhere you want.

    This is not to say that doing this is particularly easy. It’s not that easy to sell online. People are not in a hurry to issue a credit card to every E-commerce they encounter, despite the great online sales statistics (10% of the Americans bought online in 2018).

    The good news is that you will be able to take advantage of the Internet for your benefit by selling big and generating high cycles. In order to succeed, you must first realize that you need professional guidance from experienced people, whether you are only at the beginning of the road or have an existing store that brings in sales. You can be the proud owner of a profitable

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  3. Trade war - China and USA

    The trade war between the US and China creates new ways of avoiding customs duties.

    After passing goods through a third country, Chinese exporters are starting to switch and falsify codes that identify imported goods as a means of evading the tariffs imposed by the USA's president.

    One day in June, seven months after the United States imposed a high import duty on timber from China, a wood importer from Oregon received a call from a timber supplier who asked him if he wanted to get Chinese plywood without paying customs instead.

    “How will this be done?” Asked the importer David Weiss. The products carry an identification code that has been tested by US customs agents. "Do not worry," the supplier replied. The solid tree will not contain its usual markup and will be moved under another markup.

    Each product imported into the US carries a ten-digit code called the HTS code, and there are only 18,927 such codes. This provides a uniform language that bridg

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  4. 5 questions you should ask before manufacturing over seas

    Your business is successful. You have done well domestically. There comes a point in your manufacturing business venture that you wonder if expanding overseas is a good idea. Hot markets like China, India, or Brazil seem like the reasonable next step. After all, there’s plenty of companies who do and they are thriving. You want a piece of that, but before you do, there are five questions you should ask yourself before deciding to manufacture overseas.

    What is the Risk of Manufacturing Overseas and How Can I Find a Reliable Manufacturer?

    With anything business related, there is a risk. Especially when it comes to manufacturing overseas. Some risks could include poor product quality, high transportation costs, lack of control, and increased time to market. Most of these risks come with not hooking up with a reliable manufacturer. With, you help minimize the risk of all of the items above. Supermelon can help you expand your business and trust that

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  5. 7 Things to Think About Before Finalizing Your Production Budget

    Budgeting is one of the most important aspects not only for your business, but for life in general. For anything that you need, you are going to have to think up of a budget. For a business to succeed, you are going to need materials. Materials that cost money. One of the ways businesses fail is not properly taking into account how much money you are going to need.

    Below are seven things that you should take into account before you finalize your production budget!

    Your Sales Forecast

    What a sales forecast is, is determining how much money you are going to need for your business. By using certain tools, such as materials cost and the financial environment, you will have to take into account how much money you are going to need to successfully run your business. You should sit down at the beginning of the year and look into what you are planning to do with your business. Who do you plan to sell to, what is the public demand for your product, and see what

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  6. Can Technology Help Manufacturing?

    Technology is evolving. It would only make sense for technology to aid in virtually all aspects of life. This includes businesses. We are seeing the integration of technology in businesses, moving them forward and creating a more efficient process than we’ve ever seen before. With the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), manufacturing is just one of the fields that technology is used to advance. There are some that see this as a disadvantage to human workers, but the fact is that AI can help everyone in the manufacturing business move forward.

    Manufacturing has always been the backbone of businesses in America and around the world. Where as we began in factories with human labor that could be dangerous at times, we have much of this process automated by technology. According to Manufacturing Global, there was an estimate of 1.3mn robots on production lines at the end of 201

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  7. Is Manufacturing Coming to an End in America?

    Despite the advantages of building on U.S. soil, over 40% of flooring that is sold in the U.S. market is imported. There will most likely always be factories overseas, but it does seem like there is a push for factories to come back to America. This movement might be slow at first, but it has the potential to pick up momentum as time goes on. 

    It seems that every item we purchase is made in another country. How many times have you grabbed a pair of sneakers or a baseball hat and h

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  8. Technology in the Farming World and How it Helps Reach Customers

    With technology revolutionizing how we do, pretty much everything; you probably have some preconceived notion that the industry of farming is stuck in its rural ways. That while the rest of the population grows, farmers are on their hands and knees pulling weeds somewhere. If you close your eyes now you can probably imagine a small farm, with a man wearing blue overalls jeans, and a straw hat. 

    You would be wrong, because even the world of farming has taken a step into the future. In fact, technology is a huge part of the farming industry and the farming movement would not be where it is today without the use of specialized technology. Get the image out of your head that farming is an outdated practice - we need farming now more than ever. With obesity on the rise and illness coming from the consumption of unnatural products, we need the farming industry more than ever. 

    Utilizing Technology for Better Farming

    The use of sensors, devices, machines, and

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  9. The Top 10 Products that will Manufactured in China in 2019

    Have you ever picked up an article of clothing and looked at the tag? What does it usually say? Chances are you’ve picked out a shirt that says it is made in China. That’s because most businesses are moving to the Chinese market in order to manufacture their products. Why do businesses choose to manufacture their products out of China? It’s simple. It’s cheap. Labor prices are low and considering that the cost of living is low in China, it makes the salary for factory workers sustainable.

    What exactly is being manufactured out of China? Pretty much everything. But, here is a list of the top 10 products that have been manufactured in 2019 and will be.


    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that computers is one of the top products that have been and will continue to be manufactured in China in 2019. China is more advanced than the United States when it comes to technology. And considering the price of materials is cheaper overseas, it only mak

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  10. Understanding Chinese New Year Shutdown and How to Prepare

    In America, you probably don’t give Chinese New Year much thought. It’s something that you may see in Chinese takeout restaurants or maybe you don’t know much at all. While January 1st is celebrated as the universal New Year, Chinese New Year’s date fluctuates. This year, Chinese New Year was on February 5th. This celebration is not just about the celebration in the sense that everyone goes out, drinks, and then spends the next day recuperating. For this special celebration, those living in mainland China take it very seriously. Travel is extensive, businesses often close, and people can go home for several weeks.

    One of the industries that are affected by the Chinese New Year are manufacturing companies. Sometimes, this holiday shutdown can cause companies to be shut down for up to two months as the workers will travel back to their homes to be with loved ones. While this is a wonderful time for those who participate in the celebration, this is the big

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