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An Introduction to the Transaction on Supermelon

Let’s talk about how to make a transaction on Supermelon. Supermelon is a hub for bulk purchases for Buyers from Sellers in the United States and China. Here, we will be going through the process.

Pick an Item

You first have to find a product to purchase. You can either search for a product in the search bar or use the “Browse Categories” option to sift through the categories and subcategories on Supermelon’s platform.

Request a Quote

Once you’ve clicked on an item, you can see on the right hand corner a box that says Request Quote. Upon clicking this box, you will see a pop-up box appear on your screen which will ask the quantity, address, terms, and more. You then press send to get your quote from the Seller.

Additionally, you can now ask for the Freight Quote along with your Quote for the product. Once a Quote is approved, it can be added to the cart.

Do You Want a Customized Product?

Another option on the product page is to click the link Chat With a Supermelon Specialist, underneath the Want To Customize Your Product text. A chat box will then pop up from the lower right hand corner of your screen, where you can discuss the customized product you want with a Supermelon representative.

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