The Top 10 Products that will Be Manufactured in China in 2020

Have you ever picked up an article of clothing and looked at the tag? What does it usually say? Chances are you’ve picked out a shirt that says it is made in China. That’s because most businesses are moving to the Chinese market in order to manufacture their products. Why do businesses choose to manufacture their products out of China? It’s simple. It’s cheap. Labor prices are low and considering that the cost of living is low in China, it makes the salary for factory workers sustainable.

What exactly is being manufactured out of China? Pretty much everything. But, here is a list of the top 10 products that have been manufactured in 2020 and will be.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that computers are one of the top products that have been and will continue to be manufactured in China in 2020. China is more advanced than in the United States when it comes to technology. And considering the price of materials is cheaper overseas, it only makes sense that China would lead the industry in its production of computers.

Cell Phones

According to World Stop Exports, China has seen a 105% increase in cell phone manufacturing since 2010. Bouncing off of the point made before, technology has advanced in China. It’s not a surprise that cell phones would be a huge import from China.


As strange as this sounds, this will be a huge manufactured product from China in 2020. With cheap material at the ready, pens can be mass-produced and ready for reselling all over the world.


With labor still being a huge job position for many, factories are constantly working to manufacture furniture. With their hand-crafted expertise, furniture is one trend to look out for in 2020.

Air Conditioners

China makes 109 billion ACs a year.  Considering Americans use their Air Conditioners at least one season a year, it’s a good thing that China is continuing its manufacturing on air conditioners.


If you look at brands like Nike and other top sneaker companies, just know that they are manufacturing their products out of China. China beats out Italy when it comes to this market and it is a well-oiled machine that will not stop any time soon.


While you wouldn’t think of it, China has been at the forefront of cement manufacturing. You will probably see cement from China sold as Portland cement and it is a continuing trend in 2020 because without it we wouldn’t have the materials to expand our building the way we have.


After taking over for South Korea in 2008, China has since been a huge manufacturer of ships. If you see one in a harbor, it’s most likely from China.


China has been the leader of coal manufacturing for the past three decades.


As mentioned in the introduction of this article, China is the leader in manufacturing clothes. Any tag you look at in any department store is most likely going to have a “made in China” branding on it.

If you can already see, most of what we survive on is made from China. This isn’t going to stop in 2020 and the years beyond. Tariffs may have been put in place during the current administration, but doesn’t seem to be slowing anything down. Next time you buy anything, look out for China marking on it.