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Buyer Protection

We go the extra mile to make your manufacture & importing experience a safe one.

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Why Supermelon?

  • Payment in

    payment is safe with us. Supermelon holds your payment in escrow and will provide you with a full refund in the event that:

    1. You don’t receive your order
    2. You receive the wrong item.
    3. The product(s) you ordered are not as described.

  • Manufacturer Verification

    Every one of our factories go through a vigorous verification and acceptance process.

    1. Products are inspected for quality and function
    2. Export & Quality audit documents are checked and seller is qualified to export goods to the USA.

  • Safer

    Our payment options are all safe and verified to give you an extra step in protecting your money and investment. Payment will vary depending on total order amount and will all come with insurance. Feel free to contact us for more details.

  • USA Warehouse Shipping & Logistics

    If you need a safe place to store and ship your goods and samples from, Supermelon offers Warehouse shipping stateside, saving you money on transporting goods multipe times and keeping your products secure.


Payment in Escrow

Protecting our customers money in an Escrow account is a solution that prevents one of the most challenging issues that may arise while manufacturing internationally. Supermelon will save your investment until your goods are delivered to your door.

International manufacturing doesn’t get safer than this.

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Manufacturer Verification

In addition to our preliminary acceptance process, we follow-up with manufacturers at all stages throughout your import process. Approving each stage of the product lifestyle is crucial in meeting Supermelon’s standards of excellence.

Quality manufacturing doesn’t get better than this.

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Safe Transactions

Online commerce is growing in popularity exponentially from year-to-year, and so are security risks. Supermelon takes extra precautious measures in protecting your safety by ensuring security for your overseas transaction.

Remote manufacturing has never been safer than this.

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USA Warehouse Shipping

USA Warehouse Shipping

When manufacturing and ordering large quantities, you might need to store some goods stateside. We offer reliable warehousing and logistics for your products in our U.S. warehouse, allowing you faster shipment for your samples or commercial quantities.

Shipping your product samples has never been more seamless.

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Easy Returns

If there’s any problem with your order or delivery, open a case in the “Returns” portion of your Supermelon account. If your manufacturer doesn’t respond or you can’t reach a resolution within 5 business days, escalate your case. We’ll review it and contact you within 48 hours. If you’re eligible under our protection plan, we’ll refund your purchase in full.

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Import Insurance

With Supermelon, your purchases are always insured 100% at no extra charge. This is the new generation of overseas manufacturing.

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