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How it Works

In addition to our acceptance process, we follow-up with manufacturers at all stages throughout your import process

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How It Work

The Process

  • The Process

    1. Find a Factory

    Using our filters, you can search for the product you’re looking to manufacture in any country, quantity, or price range that you choose.

  • The Process

    2. Request a Quote

    Each product page will detail pricing, MOQ’s (minimum order quantities), and other details. Enter your (details) when prompted and “request a quote” from the seller.

  • The Process

    3. Negotiate Terms

    You can discuss any and all quote details and finalize requirements in your communication portal with the manufacturer.

  • The Process

    4. Approve Quote

    Once an agreement has been reached between you and your manufacturer and you accept the quote, it becomes a contract. Youll also approve freight method and cost. Then you can check out right from your dashboard and start the production process.

  • The Process

    5. Checkout & Payment

    After adding the items in your approved quote, you can process your payment using a credit card, Paypal, or ACH. Your money will go into Escrow with Supermelon until your goods are delivered.

  • The Process

    6. Track Production & Shipment

    After payment is complete, your manufacturer will start production. You can track your order status at any time inside your dashboard, and we will notify you when important milestones are completed, and when your goods arrive at the USA port.

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