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Shop Policies for Returning, Exchanging, or Receiving a Refund

The marketplace of Supermelon is comprised of independent sellers. These sellers are responsible for their own shops, and for their own shop policies. Supermelon sellers have the freedom to choose how they want to handle returns, exchanges, and refunds. As a Supermelon buyer, this is extremely important, because it means that these policies will be different from one shop to the next.

Please note that for items purchased through the Supermelon fulfillment shop, the Supermelon policy will apply.

It’s your responsibility as a customer to find, read, and understand the return policy of any shop that you choose to purchase from. To find this information, navigate to the shop’s homepage, and click on the “Policies” link located at the top of the page.


If, after reading the shop policy, you find that you still have questions about returns, refunds, or exchanges, you should reach out directly to the seller. It’s a good idea to get clarification on anything you don’t understand before making a purchase. The Supermelon Messages Center allows you to easily get in touch with a seller.

Initiating a return for an item you’ve purchased

We want returns to go smoothly for both buyers and sellers. To ensure that the process is as hassle-free as possible, always make sure you have a clear return agreement with the seller before you send back an item that you’ve purchased.

These are the key features of a return agreement:

  • The seller agrees, either through a conversation in the Message Center or through the Supermelon case system, that they will accept the return.
  • The seller provides a return shipping address.
  • The seller sets a timeframe for when they expect to receive the item from the buyer.
  • The buyer and seller mutually agree on who, between the two of them, will be expected to pay for the shipping of the returned item.

For all returns, we strongly recommend that the buyer retains the tracking number, postal receipt, and other documentation of the return shipment until the seller confirms that they’ve received the item and that the refund has been processed (or the replacement item sent). This documentation can be important if any further action is needed.


If you have additional questions about refunds and returns, feel free to browse these articles from our Help Center:

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  • Contacting a Seller
  • Finding Your Refund


Problems with a purchase

Each Supermelon seller is wholly responsible for their own shop and the items they sell. Because of this, Supermelon has no direct involvement with any transaction between individual buyers and sellers.

If you run into any issues with a purchase that you make through a Supermelon shop, our recommendation is for you to get in touch with the seller rather than with Supermelon support. Sellers will be the key points of contact for issues such as non-delivery of a purchased item, or an item arriving not as described. Because transactions are between sellers and buyers (not Supermelon), we are not able to immediately issue refunds. Sellers, however, can issue immediate refunds.

We encourage buyers and sellers to work together to find a mutually agreeable resolution to any issues that arise. However, we understand that this may not always happen, and we’re not able to guarantee that buyers and sellers will be able to reach an agreement. Because of this, we offer a case system.


If you become involved in a dispute over a Supermelon transaction, you have the option of opening a case. Please note, however, that the case system doesn’t handle all potential issues, so your specific dispute may not be eligible for mediation.


For more information, please take a look at these articles from our Help Center:

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  • Why Can’t I Open a Case?


Canceling a Sale

As a rule, only sellers can cancel a Supermelon sale. The only exception is if you, as the buyer, cancel the order within 30 minutes of making the purchase. If you cancel an order within 30 minutes, you’ll receive a full, immediate refund. Outside of this 30-minute window, you will need to get in touch with the seller in order to cancel the sale.

Canceling an order


Before you, as the seller, initiate the cancelation of an order, please make sure that your transaction meets all the requirements of the Supermelon cancellation policies. If you find that you’re not able to complete a transaction that has already been processed, notify the buyer immediately through the Messages Center. We recommend that you do this prior to cancelling the transaction.


Follow these steps to cancel an order:

  • From the homepage of, click on “Orders.”
  • Click on “Browse the products in your history.”
  • Click on “Cancel or return item.”
  • Provide all required details about the cancellation. Click “Submit.”

Please note that if the item comes from a third-party supplier, the return or cancelation will be processed according to the third-party supplier’s policies. If the item was purchased through the Supermelon fulfillment center, the Supermelon return policy will apply.

Cancelations are processed after a 48-hour holding period.

Once the cancelation has been processed, the order will appear under the “Complete” tab in your Orders & Shipping.