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Sell to larger enterprises & Fortune 500 customers.

Would you like to reach a wider business audience in the United States? We’re delighted to consider you as a manufacturer on Supermelon.

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Seller Benefits

  • Quick and Secure Payments

    Quick and Secure Payments

    Request a payment quickly and easier from your seller dashboard. Supermelon will send an immediate wire transfer payment directly to your international bank account.

  • Supermelon Seller Support

    Supermelon Seller Support

    If you have any questions or feel stuck at any point in the sign up or selling process, our team is ready to help and will get back to you through chat or phone support.

  • Enterprise Buyers

    Enterprise Buyers

    Showcase your products to a range of large, looking for reputable and quality private label manufacturers.

  • Unlimited Product Showcase

    Unlimited Product Showcase

    There is no limit to the amount of products and product suggestions you can add to your page. You can gauge what customers are asking for and continually add more items you think they might need.

  • Product Collection and Add-ons

    Product Collection and Add-Ons

    Supermelon's team of experts is available to help you throughout your import process. We are here to guide you in your decision making from your initial product selection, customization, and design to the more technical aspects of importing and shipping.

  • Customized Profile

    Customized Profile

    Introduce yourself to potential US enterprise & Fortune 500 customers and earn their trust by offering a clear return policy, sharing your location, shipping practices, and any other information that you think will be helpful to them.

  • Add Media

    Add Media

    Stand out among other sellers by adding a variety of clear product images that showcase your to add transparency to your account and connect better with customers.


Easy Setup

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  • 1
    Create your account
  • 2
    Fill in your Profile
  • 3
    Provide Company Details & Documents
  • 4
    Wait for Supermelon Approval
  • 5
    Add your Product listing(s)
  • 6
    Sell & Grow your factory’s sales with supermelon!
Enterprise customers are looking for quality manufacturers like you. Supermelon helps them find and do business with you. Apply To Sell

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